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30 Jan

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Al Chiostro del Bramante a Roma,fino a giugno, la più straordinaria e longeva dinastia di pittori della storia dell’arte, i Brueghel. Per oltre 150 anni hanno guidato la guilda degli artisti dei Paesi Bassi dal XVI al XVII secolo e hanno sviluppato uno stile molto particolare legato alla rappresentazione del mondo semplice, contadino , agreste, della natura che diventa attrice e non più solo cornice , dell’esaltazione dei particolari e dei dettagli.
Personaggi conosciuti come Pieter Brueghel il Vecchio e i suoi figli Pieter il Giovane e Jan il Vecchio e altri meno noti, come Jan van Kessel il Vecchio, figlio di Paschasia, nipote di Jan il Vecchio specializzatosi dettagliatissimi studi di farfalle, insetti e conchiglie 59_BRUEGHEL I, Ambrosius Brueghel pittore di nature morte


o Abraham, ultimo esponente della famiglia, la cui arte, dallo stile “italiano” si discosta dallo stile di famiglia.
La mostra si apre con alcune opere significative del primo cinquecento fiammingo,che illustrano le forme espressive del periodo, per prima l’allegoria.
L’artista più influente del periodo fu, senza dubbio, i Hieronymus Bosch, in mostra con il bellissimo “I sette peccati capitali”,


opera allegorica, con il mondo, in forma sferica, che è in bilico fra redenzione, rappresentato dal Cristo crocefisso in alto, e la perdizione con i sette peccati (lussuria, ira, superbia, invidia, accidia, gola, avarizia).
Ancora allegoria in questo “Ciarlatano”

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How to push your Twitter

27 Jan

How to push your Twitter.

Help The Homeless With Instagram – the results show!

26 Jan

Help The Homeless With Instagram – the results show!.

26 Jan

Markku Tauriainen | INSPIRE ME | One Chapter At The Time


INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1As seller, during 30 years, I have come to situations where all the flowers aren´t roses. The selling does not work out and the business is bad. I am not able to act according to the goals I have set. In that case the steps becomes heavy and people around me begin to feel “uncomfortable.”

A Old Chinese proverb: “Goals too great create hopelessness.”

  In front of new challenges and new things people experience uncertainty. This is understandable. However, the real winners are distinguished from the group, because they are able to concentrate and to do things which are most important to themselves. In other words, They see and extract the right trees from the forest.

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26 Jan

Markku Tauriainen | INSPIRE ME | One Chapter At The Time

INSPIRE_ME_LOGO1If you don´t know where you are going to, you certainly know where you are coming from. It is extremely easy to repeat you strengths and your experience of life. Our own past events glide naturally from our memory.

I have done it, this and that. Why? Everyone loves to talk about themselves. What has been experienced and lived exists. It can be recalled from memory.
Intentions have not happened yet but can be written down. If the important things related to work can be listed, they can also be repeated and analysed, ones the are on paper.

The visualisation is perceiving the future. Remember: If you experience uncertainty about the future, sit down and start writing things on paper.
Ask yourself, what is expected and required from you. How have the others done in a similar situation? They did not always know where they were going to either, but…

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Write Your Dreams On Paper

26 Jan

Write Your Dreams On Paper.

Goals Change Your Life

26 Jan

Goals Change Your Life.