14 Mar

Libdrone's Thoughts and Musings

So I woke up  feeling awful,  stumbled to the coffee pot,  then asked Ron,  “Did you see if it was a bus or a truck?”   He hadn’t of course,  my kitty said he was too busy directing traffic.   At first I felt certain that I’d been run over in my sleep.   Surely,  this is how mud feels when it’s been pressed down and compacted in a huge tire track.  Some days, it seems,  really are meant to teach you to count your blessings and remember that it can always be worse.

No sooner had I started doing an image search for ‘muddy tires’  than  I received a sudden, urgent summons to the bathroom.   Honestly?   I have always been diarrhetic.    Over the years I’ve heard of course about people who suffer from constipation,  though to me the idea of being able to wait several days…

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