21 Feb

Mind Candy

FCKH8, an organization built on the premise of tolerance, turns out to be extremely intolerant when it comes to their money. Specifically when it comes to parting with their money after they screw over customers that shop in their online store. The concept behind FCKH8 is a good one – even if it is delivered in what is a pretty abrasive manner for most people. For anyone not acquainted with them, they are an organization based on fighting any organizations or individuals that are determined to be haters to the LGBT community. I can get behind that – it’s why my family and most other LGBT families we know try to throw some support behind them – until recently at least.

FCKH8 stays in operation by selling merchandise – mostly tee-shirts. Whatever you get from them is horrifically overpriced, particularly when considering the quality, but we like many others still…

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