10 Feb

Gaye Crispin's Blog

Here’s what I think about ‘Acres Of Diamonds’

Have you read Russell H Conwell’s classic talk, ‘Acres Of Diamonds?’ Are there acres of unmined diamonds in your business right now, but you’re too busy or blinkered to recognise it? How do you know you’re not sitting on an invisible million dollar business revolution? How many business trends have you recognised as obvious…. with hindsight?

I see many businesses that are facing hardship, where I can immediately see invisible opportunities which can transform into instant profitability.  A retired multi-millionaire I worked for years ago loved to tell the story of how he acquired his fortune.

He’d had acres of diamonds embedded in his labour-intensive-barely-making-ends-meet business…., that was until his wife made two simple suggestions that, in hindsight, were obvious.

Her ideas were to create bundled packages and charge cash-up front. He was opposed and reluctant. “It’s not industry standard” and ” the customers won’t pay”…

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